Los Presidentes

Los Presidentes

Hello. I did not try and reinvent the wheel, I just wanted a power supply that was easy to cover for sanitary reasons and also to bring the Tattooer back to how it should have always been, knowing yourself and your equipment, not having a readout tell you how it is. If you have a machine that works on more than 15 volts, this is NOT for you. If you have a rotary that works on 1 volt, this is for you. If you are worried about losing the cord while traveling, It just uses a common 3 prong AC power cord that you can buy anywhere. Has a 1 year warranty, and everyone is tested before being sent out.
Thanks and for ordering info please send an email to vivaelpresidentesf.com. the orange default color is 300+shipping and when available the custom color model is 400+shipping.

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